September 13, 2009

Rain and singing catalan people

I've had enough of the celebration of Catalunya! Third day in a row now with concerts, fireworks, catalan flags and drunk people. Worst is the parade with drums and trumpets. Last night they stopped playing at 2 am and at 10 am the started again. I'm ok but I feel for my little 80- something- year old neighbour that has her balcony 2 meters from the big speaker! Time to fix a little here at home! I've bought frames in different shapes and colours and gonna print some of my personal photos to put in there and up on the wall. Promise to show u the result when it's done! In the mean time a picture of my last buy I did when I was in sweden...

It's a basket (or whatever you may call it) made out of car tires and I've chose to put a plant in it but it's also very nice to fill with magazines!

Have a fantastic day!

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