December 02, 2009

Back to life

I have been sick since friday but slowly coming back to life. Finally... Hate being sick. But then..who doesn't.
Boyfriend with cousin-on-visit went to Paris today. I decided to stay here since I still don't feel like 100%... Feels really nice to have some days alone in the flat actually. Going to take out my little jeep for a ride to Diagonal Mar and do some shopping. Want to find some christmas-decorations to my home, realized that I totally missed out on 1st of advent last Sunday! Guess they don't celebrate that here, it's the day you usually (atleast in my family) decorate your home and light the first, out of four, candle (like a countdown to christmas). I really miss the christmas-spirit, there's absolutely none here in Barcelona! Therefore i'm gonna hang a christmas-star in my window tonight to contribute to the Barcelona christmas spirit!
So let's go see what we can find. See you soon..

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